dishNET Internet service lets you surf the web faster and download files in a fraction of the time it takes with dial-up service. With satellite Internet service from dishNET you get a separate Internet connection that lets you get online instantly. You can download files in a matter of seconds, check your email instantly, and surf the Internet infinitely faster than you can with dialup service, and even faster than DSL service. There’s no software to download, and dishNET service is compatible with Windows and Mac.  

  Why dishNET?

  • Available Nationwide
  • Speeds up to 3 times faster than DSL
  • Multiple plans to fit your speed and data needs
  • Convenience of a single bill and 24/7 customer support from DISH
  • An always-on connection – No more having to log on and wait to connect to the Internet.



dishNET is the world leader in satellite internet service. They provide the fastest, most reliable service of all the satellite internet providers.

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